Casual Dating vs. Friend With Benefits

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Nowadays online dating for singles isn’t something new. Not only finding a partner for life is a reason to start to date, maybe even more a reason is the quest for an erotic adventure. This is called casual dating. But there is something else gaining popularity: the friend with benefits.

This new trend is called ‘Casual Dating’, where women are virtually hunting for men. Not so long ago only men went online to find some sexual satisfaction. Thanks to examples in the media like TV-series like “Sex and the city” the sexual awareness of women brings them new perspectives: internet as a mediator for short, erotic relationships.

There are a few advantages of casual dating compared to a friend with benefits relationship. Where casual dating covers a short period of time, say a few days to get to ‘know’ each other online to the appointment in real life, a friend with benefits relationship is for a longer term.

Casual dating is also practised when someone wants to do someone other than the partner they are with. Or, on the other hand for a threesome. Casual dating Is also for one night stands, like I said: short term.

Compared to a friend with benefits relationship there are some differences.

A ‘no strings attached’ sexual relationship has some benefits over casual dating. With casual dating you have to start a conversation with the someone every time you would like to ‘do’ someone. Most of the time the other one is chatting with more members of the dating site at once and you are in a high competition.

When you have a friend with benefits, this doesn’t have to be the only FWB. In fact, you can have several FWB’s since you don’t have to see each other once a week.

This is the best system for busy people. When you are working around the clock and have built a list of phone numbers of friends with benefits, all you have to do is text one to see if he/she is available. With casual dating, the circus of courting has to start first and takes more time.

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