Sexting – Spicing up your sex life

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The love and sex concept has changed over the years. Having sex is just a natural, and desired physical thing  of attraction. It comprises of three basic components: intimacy, commitment, passion. Next to a meaningful communication, vacations together, date nights or time together with friends, enjoying sex are things you want in a relationship.

Feeling close to a person, connected, and breath taking comfortable are also acts of enjoyment. You just want to be a part of him or her.

You can boost your sex dating relationship with:

  • A romantic dinner
  • A long sensual massage
  • Watching an erotic movie
  • Explore new positions
  • Go on romantic vacations
  • Find a common hobby or sport

Sexting tips – free examples and ideas

Sexting is sending messages with a dirty tone to create a conversation about sex, and to have that lead to real sex.

Sexting is something that every person in the age of 15 to 50 years of age should know of and how to use it. This article is about free sexting examples and sexting ideas.

What is so great about sexting?

No matter the mood you are in or wherever you are, you can always be busy with sexting. All it takes is a few minutes to turn the other person on with just a few words. You can do it with multiple persons at the same time and you don’t have to go naked to be erotic with the other person.

Free Sexting tips

You don’t have to be a language magician to turn the other one on. But you have to be careful with the words you choose. In a few seconds you can turn the other one on with sexting, or lose all  attraction.

Sexting is about turning the other one on by teasing. In such a way that the other person can’t think of anything else but you..

Sexting: what you should do

  • Make sure that there is no family around
  • Double check the recipient J
  • Check if your sexting partner is in to it, start nice and slow
  • Start with a warming up
  • Use the correct spelling
  • Use different adjectives
  • Don’t wait too long with your response. Keep the sexting going
  • Words are better than images -> imagination
  • Do you know your partner’s trigger words? Use them!

Sexting: what you should not do

  • Sexting drunk is really stupid. The other one knows..
  • Don’t use emoticons
  • Don’t overact.

Sexting: tips about sending pictures

  • Your photos can end up online
  • Trust the person you are sexting, or don’t do sexting with this person
  • Don’t show your face and certain body parts on one picture
  • Find your partner’s fetish and name that in your sexts.

Sexting – the dangers of sexting

Always think twice before sending a nude picture of yourself to someone else. This picture can end up online and you DON’T want that! If you don’t want a particular picture to end up somewhere else (teacher, classmates, family or friends), don’t send it. Remember you cannot control where the picture travels before you hit ‘send’. When your relationship is over, the other one might still have the pictures you have sent.

NEVER forward any sexting pictures from others! It can be a serious crime.

Sexting Examples

Guys/Girls, you can just switch the meanings of each of these around to make them fit:

  • Baby the way you look at me with those eyes sends all my blood rushing between my legs
  • When I close my eyes and see you standing naked in front of me, I just want to reach out and grab your gorgeous ass and pull you to me
  • You’re so fucking hot, my (cock/pussy) gets so (hard/wet) just thinking about you
  • I want to massage every part of you, every inch of your skin
  • I can’t stop thinking about the last time you fucked me
  • I want to ride your hot, naked, oil covered, glistening body
  • Close your eyes and imagine me there with you, kissing your bare skin, sliding my warm wet tongue across your chest
  • I want you to penetrate me tonight
  • I’m gonna let you put it somewhere it’s never been before
  • Tell me how much you want me to be your slave tonight

For Girls to Guys

  • I can’t wait for you to come home tonight and make me sore
  • I’m imagining you pulsing inside me right now
  • It’s so fucking hot today, I’m only wearing my panties and I’m still dripping
  • I’m texting left handed cos my right hand is so sticky
  • I need your hot, hard cock inside me… I don’t care which hole…
  • Baby, I can’t stop thinking about running my wet tongue up and down your cock
  • I want to feel you get hard in my mouth
  • My pussy is so wet thinking about you right now
  • Do you want to know how my pussy tastes? You can kiss my mouth later to find out…
  • I want you to grip me like a bowling ball
  • This body lotion is too cold for my breasts, I need your shiny hot cream
  • Baby please come to me now and bury your face in my hot pussy
  • My pussy is begging you to come home and fuck her
  • Let me cradle your balls in my hands, while I run my lips over your throbbing cock
  • My pussy wants to make you her bitch
  • I want you to spill your hot load over my body, and then keep on fucking me
  • I’m going to pin your face down to the pillow with my hot dripping pussy
  • How deep into my pussy can your tongue go?
  • My nipples are tingling right now thinking about your tongue all over them
  • Would you like me to reach back and spread my cheeks while you fuck me from behind tonight? We can leave the lights on…
  • My pussy is going to make your cock glisten tonight baby
  • Want to watch me rub my clit while you fuck my pussy tonight?

For Guys to Girls

  • I want to kiss every part of your body, and then fuck your brains out
  • Baby I want to look deep into your eyes while we fuck tonight
  • We are going to cum together tonight, I promise
  • I’m going to tease your pussy, lick your clit and make you cum like a steam train while you writhe all over my face
  • Which part of my body do you want me to please you with tonight?
  • Tell me how you want me to fuck you tonight
  • Thinking about your sweet body today, I’ve cum three times already
  • You’re so fucking sexy, you make me explode. Actually I need to change my boxers right now
  • When I close my eyes all I can see is your hot naked body, I need to open them quick before I make a mess
  • Do you realize how fucking hard you are making me right now?
  • I want to feel your thighs gripping my neck, pulling my tongue deep into your pussy